• Multilingual Education at Cresthill

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    Cresthill Middle School believes that the education of each student is a responsibility shared by the school as well as parents and that engaging parents is essential to improved student
    achievement. Cresthill recognizes the need to foster educational support for bilingual students and parents. In keeping with these beliefs, Cresthill is sharing a valuable resource, Colorín Colorado. Colorín Colorado is the premier national website serving educators and families of English language learners (ELLs) in Grades PreK-12. Colorín Colorado has been providing free research-based information, activities, and advice to parents, schools, and communities around the country for more than a decade.


    As a parent, there are many ways that you can help your child succeed every single day! These bilingual parent resources offer tips on helping your child learn to read, succeed in school, and learn a new language. They also provide information about the U.S. school system and share ideas on how to build a relationship with your child’s teacher and school. In addition, you can find fun reading tips and games, bilingual booklists, ideas for using the public library, and videos of children’s authors, illustrators, and musicians. Resources are organized by topic.



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