• Curriculum and Grading Practices at CMS

    Please see the sections below for clarifications on various aspects of grading life at Cresthill.

    Infinite Campus & Standards-Based Grading

    At Cresthill, we are a Standards-Based Grading (SBG) school and focus on Colorado Academic Standards for assignment & grading foci and adhere to a growth-over-time mindset. Infinite Campus (IC) is our tool for communicating two different grades, one in regard to the "scholarly habits" of being a student (Work Habits), and another in regard to academic engagement (Content Knowledge). Most student endeavors (homework, quizzes, daily work, major assessments) will be scored using a "4, 3, 2, or 1". These numbers are not intended to be part of a mathematical equation to arrive at an average but to point to attainment (or, lack thereof) of a skill, knowledge, or ability. Infinite Campus "translates" these numeric representations into something many of us understand: letter grades. In essence, our numbers speak to the same thing and express the same information. And, as IC leans upon numbers to assign grade values, our grade calculators use 100 points as a framework for the grade numbers we enter in IC. The areas of the gradebook that you and your student need to focus on are the actual grades entered for assignments (below the assignment name and information) and the "in progress grade". DO NOT be confused by the "3 Ps" of "points, possible, and percent" as these, in no way, convey how your student is doing in that bigger, overall picture. Focus on assignments and what those scores reveal about that growth over time. In Progress grades are only a marker and a useful tool for reflection and discussion and do not tell the whole story. If you have questions about Standards-Based Grading or the Infinite Campus gradebook in general, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Wakefield at mdwakefield@dcsdk12.org.

    A Video Walkthrough

    Follow this link for a quick video explanation of what you'll see in Infinite Campus and how to effectively make sense of your student's grades.

    What do kids at Cresthill learn?


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    Colorado Academic Standards (follow the drop downs for 7th & 8th grade subject matter)

    Cresthill Middle School "One Pagers" (evaluated regularly) will

    give you a glimpse into the central learning and work done in each curricular area at Cresthill.