• Educational Technology, Device Distribution, & CHAD (Consider Having A Device) at Cresthill

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    Why Chromebooks

    An important consideration.

    In short, they're 1.) inexpensive, 2.) aligned with many of the learning tools that our students already employ (e.g., Google Classroom), 3.) are supported by the district (with purchasing and warranty options), and 4.) have been part of the overall learning culture of our building long enough to build a solid "comfort level" for student and staff usage.

    Student Google Accounts

    Powerful online learning and teaching.

    Students and staff in Douglas County are frequent users of the tools afforded in the Google Suite. If you haven't already, have your student give you a tour of some of the work they are already doing (working on, collaborating on, and saving and sharing) in their district Google Apps account. Ask him or her to sign in here and give it a whirl.

    How is this Different?

    Than a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Initiative?

    Consider this to be an invitation -- rather than an initiative. In looking ahead, we recognize that the best way for us, as a building, to "shore up" the foreseeable technology needs is to invite families to consider purchasing a device for now and for the future. Students are already bringing to Cresthill their own learning devices (e.g., Chromebooks). We would like to extend the invitation for others to do so as well.

    Purchasing Options

    The District and The Chromebook

    Because we have become so well-versed as a learning community in the Chrome "realm" -- and because these versatile devices are so cost-effective -- we encourage you to consider a Chrome device. Consider the support and warranty aspects as well!

    Purchasing Connections:

    GovConnection Jason Krage


    Phone: 800.800.0019 x75528

    -GovConnect DCSD Parent Ordering Page-

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some of the high-flyer questions . . .

    • Are students required to have a device? No
    • Will students have a place to keep their own device safely stored-away when not in use? As our lockers are being bid a farewell (they are being removed at the end of the '21-'22 school year), students will need to safely keep (with a neoprene sleeve and/or protective case) their device in their backpack throughout the day.  Students typically keep their packs with them or nearby in most classes. During lunches, students are expected to keep their packs at their feet under the lunch table. 
    • Will my son or daughter be on their device all the time at school? No. We have a nice balance and mindset of "use when appropriate and necessary" in place in our building.
    • Will my son or daughter use their device "enough" to justify a purchase? Most definitely, yes. Between all of the classes, teachers, projects, engagements and other elements that make up the learning experiences at Cresthill, your child will find good opportunity to make this money-well-spent. Also, many students see the longevity of their device -- if taken care of -- last well into high school!
    • Who is in charge of my child's device at school? Well, the short of it is, your child. This is a great time for kids to learn that with great privilege comes great responsibility. We already have a number of students who effectively and without issue bring their own device from home, log on to the district's secure wireless, and do their work.
    • Does this change anything with the current cell phone policy? Nope. we will continue to expect that students keep their cell phones either on silent mode or off in their backpacks (unless needed for specific, teacher-directed classwork) from opening bell at 7:30 to the end of the day at 2:50. If a student cannot abide by this expectation, the cell phone will be taken to the main office to be picked up only by a parent at the end of the day. 

    If you have other questions or concerns, please contact our Professional Learning Specialist, Mark Wakefield, at mdwakefield@dcsdk12.org


    Digital Citizenship & the 21st Century Learner

    A few thoughts . . .

    College and workforce readiness requires that students use 21st Century skills and tools. Almost one in four college students will take an online course, and technology is embedded throughout the workday of many careers.


    Our goals at Cresthill Middle School are to...

    • Maximize Student Potential
    • Educate and prepare students for the 21st Century. 
    • Use technology in meaningful and engaging ways.
    • Allow for educational connections on a global scale.


    Students must know how to...

    • Navigate vast amounts of information on the web.
    • Critically analyze the large variety of sources.
    • Be mindful of their digital footprint.
  • Student 1:1 Initiative (Response to Covid Needs)

    In order to support our ever-changing, we will be providing each student (who is in need of technology tools) with a school-owned laptop. This site is where you can find the necessary forms and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will assist in getting your student a device or laptop. If you have opted to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), please be aware that DCSD (and CMS) will not provide any support or repairs to your device. If your BYOD is not working, please contact Cresthll Technology Support to check out a CMS-owned device for your home use or contact Julie Bach at jsbach@dcsdk12.org or 303-387-2800.

    BYOD F.A.Q.

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    Please click on the icon to the right.

    If families are able to have their student(s) bring a device to Cresthill, please refer to the FAQ document by clicking on the computer icon to the right.

    Technology Loan: Family/Student Agreement

    Please click on the icon to the right.

    It is the responsibility of all families and students to read, complete, and sign the accompanying "loaner" agreement. Please complete this document and share it back (either scanned and filled in or filled-in directly) to jabach@dcsdk12.org. Please have this form completed as soon as possible and either emailed in or ready to turn in prior to August 7th. (En Español)

    1:1 "101" Information

    General Information

    Click on the link to the right to get some good "how-to" information (logging in, access to particular apps, etc.).