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    It's "that time of year" for school dwellers. Things are gradually, yet no less frenetically, winding down for the year. Plenty of academic learning still to push through and nail the landing on for these last four weeks, but there is the distinct feel of excited anticipation inside our walls. Students and teachers alike are sensing that something new and important is on the near horizon. For 7th graders, they will soon be taking their place as the leaders in our school; for 8th graders, an entirely new journey of new beginnings is about to unfold. For staff and teachers, we steel ourselves for the surprisingly intense feelings of saying goodbye to a group of students we have given our hearts, minds, and souls to for these past 10 months.
    One might guess that at the end of the school year adults who work with young teens would be singularly focused on getting to the end and surviving the crazy. And part of that is certainly true. But what is most filling my bucket right now is an overwhelming sense of hope! I'm partial to young adolescents: always have been; likely always will be. Maybe it is the rawness of them, the un-sanded edges, both good and bad. They tell you exactly what they are thinking and feeling, and they have yet to develop sophisticated cloaking skills to conceal themselves from others. For an age group that traffics far too easily in deflections, deceptions, lies, fibs, and distortions... they are refreshingly transparent! And what I get to see on most days around Cresthill brings a sense of joy to my heart. I get to spend my day with some pretty amazing human beings.
    During Team Summit's Honor Roll assembly this week, the teachers announced several student recognitions as part of an end of year ceremony. The students being recognized were selected by all of their peers on the team for various virtues and character attributes recognized in them. It was so wonderfully refreshing to see kids come forward - in front of all their classmates and a large audience of parents - for character traits such as kindness ("goes out of his/her way to stay above the gossip and drama" LOVE it!). And there were two "unsung heroes", one boy and one girl: kids who don't typically draw a lot of attention to themselves but go about their business day-in and day-out being rock steady citizens of our school community, doing the right things even when nobody is looking, and lifting all boats like an incoming tide. What made my heart sing was the thunderous applause these teens received from 145 of their school mates; a genuine show of loving affirmation from the tribe.
    Next week Team Horizon will be doing something similar with its students and parent community, and the following week, Team Legend will host their end of year awards. In addition to the standard Honor Roll recognitions (content knowledge plus habits of scholarship) and content area stand-outs, these teams will put forward representative exemplars of character filled students. Team Legend kids will anoint their pick for the most intellectually brave, as well as the most tenacious, determined, unique and honorable students. Team Horizon will similarly recognize and laud phenomenal kids who remind us, contrary to popular opinion, that this generation of kids has some really good stuff going on!
    As I did my lunch supervision duty today I found myself gazing around the cafecommonsgymatorium at the faces of our young people-under-construction. And it made me smile. Jenny came up to me with her daily offering of a lame joke, submitted for my approval. Landon wanted to talk last night's NFL draft and/or Colorado spring weather - he's flexible in that way. Two WEB leaders were enthusiastically scanning the room for 7th graders to solicit and encourage to apply for next year's leadership crew. Myles offered me his reliable smile and utterly sincere daily well-wishing - something that never fails to make me feel instantly calmer. Caroline invited me to partake in what appeared to be a table sharing celebration of beef jerky, and I felt honored beyond words to have been asked to partake. Tara simply stood next to me and methodically recounted all the good things that have happened to her just this week - a litany of spontaneous gratitude.
    Cresthill middle school has been an integral part of my life now for over ten years. And as we round the final bend for this school year I realize how much richer my life has been because of all the young people who have journeyed through these halls during that time. I can genuinely say I love these kids and am honored to be allowed into some corner of their lives. I'm a better, more patient, kinder human being because of what I have learned from them. Young adolescents have a way of making the adults around them sturdier human beings.
    Much love to all the Cresthill community,





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