• From the Principal's Desk 4-6-2020


    From the Principal's Desk:




    Dearest Cresthill Parents,

    Yesterday we successfully wrapped up three days of item/materials drop off and pick up. For doing this for the first time (and hopefully last!) our plan worked quite well, but we learned a couple of things that we'd do differently now that it is not just a plan on paper. I cannot thank you enough for your understanding and cooperation in this process. We had a return rate of 87% of locker items delivered back to families and school materials returned back to us. I find this absolutely amazing and wonderful! Thank you, thank you. What was unquestionably the most difficult part of it all was not being able to physically greet, high-five, fist bump, hug, etc. all of our students as they came through the line. Our teachers' faces are sore this morning from all the beaming smiling, but you probably couldn't see their smiles because of these dang masks we have to wear!

    With the end of the school year process now behind us, it is time to turn our attention to looking forward. I've been holding off on sending a communication to you hoping that I'd be able to give you a little more information or detail about a proposed timeline for a plan for reopening this fall. At this time I do not have anything to share with you other than the message that we heard from Dr. Tucker that we will begin planning as if we will be doing some form of in-person learning this fall. The task before us is to draft multiple versions of plans for reopening to include a plan for in-person learning, but also some continuation of remote learning as well. We are planning for the worst but hoping for the best, and we know that all plans are likely to change throughout the summer as the conditions and information from our government officials changes.

    For those families who were not able to come for the pick-up and drop off this week, we will hold on to your items until we are back (in some form) in August. You can return your school items to us at that time as well. I do not yet have an estimated printing time for the yearbooks, so please know we will get that information out to you when we know more. But I'm guessing it will likely be something we try to coordinate in conjunction with the start-up of the new school year (see, I'm staying optimistic!).

    In closing, I want to acknowledge and celebrate the services of three treasured members of the Cresthill family who are leaving us at the conclusion of this year. Mr. Pat Kolarik has been a beloved science teacher at CMS for the past 31 years!! That's a lot of vintage spirit wear in his closet. Mr. Kolarik's much-deserved retirement is quite a loss for us, and any student fortunate enough to have had him as a science teacher will tell you his excellence as a teacher is only outmatched by his kind nature. Pat, truly IS Cresthill.

    Spanish teacher, Ms. Lauren McFall, has anchored down our World Languages department for the past nine years. Innovative, witty, and tirelessly dedicated to helping our tweens succeed as they transition into high school Spanish classes, Lauren has been an instrumental member of our Electives program. I have a feeling Lauren is not quite yet done with teaching, but she says her vast garden needs more tending for right now and so we send her off with our gratitude and love. She will be very hard to replace.

    Lastly, Mr. Jeff Markle, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, has been pilfered away from us by a lucky middle school in Arizona to be their new principal! Mr. Markle has been my right-hand man for the past decade here at Cresthill, and all that works well about Cresthill have his DNA and fingerprints all over it. He's been a colleague, confidant, sounding board, and dear friend to me these past ten years. The front office of a busy middle school can be a very complex and dynamic place, and Jeff has always kept us grounded and laughing throughout whatever came our way. This is a gift and talent beyond measure. We will miss Jeff's calm wisdom and wit.

    That's it for now, Cresthill. As I learn more I'll communicate more throughout the summer. For now, I wish to celebrate the fantastic Cresthill community and the completion of another successful, albeit unusual, school year. We did it! And whatever challenges may come our way in the near future, we got that too!!




    Sid Rundle


    Cresthill Middle School


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