• State-Mandated Testing


    Change Your Mind?  Want to Opt Back In?


    The district assessment office mistakenly failed to provide you with the ability to communicate an "opt back in" to us at the school.  If you have already excused your student from testing, but then after further discussion have decided that you would like your student to participate in our state mandated assessments, please email me directly at christopher.cooke@dcsdk12.org.


    I am absolutely able to take care of that process for you and am happy to help!


    Chris Cooke




  • State-Assessment Information


  • Please complete by December 15, 2016

    Dear CMS Families,


    Let me begin by clearing up any questions over what CMAS testing is for Cresthill. CMAS is the overarching category to describe PARCC, CMAS, and the more specialized WIDA, DLM, and CoAlt assessments.


    7th graders will take:

    • PARCC English Language Arts 
    • PARCC Mathematics

    8th graders will take:

    • PARCC Englash Language Arts 
    • PARCC Mathematics 
    • CMAS Science



    We at Cresthill work diligently to meet the requirements and procedures for state mandated assessments and the demands of a rigorous and continuing learning environment. To best plan for the needs of our students we are asking our community to have conversations about individual wishes for participation in these assessments sooner rather than later. If you determine that you do not wish to participate in CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success) testing this spring we ask that you use the district procedure and excuse your students at your earliest convenience.


    Thank you for your continued support in Cresthill,

    Chris Cooke

    Assistant Principal

    School Assessment Coordinator





    For help accessing the Parent Portal:

    Kim Lundquist – School Registrar




    For help with the Excusal Process:

    Lisa Jacobs – Counseling Office