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    Important Calendar Events

    Also Check out the CMS "Public" Calendar

    • July 31, Aug. 1, Aug. 2 AM or PM sessions New Beginnings for incoming 7th grade students
    • July 31, Aug.1, Aug 2 AM or PM Sessions Parent University Classes (for new parents to Cresthill)
    • August 4th from 8 to 11:30 AM Schedule Pick Up for all students
    • Thursday, August 10th First day of school for 7th grade only
    • Friday, August 11th All students return to school
    • August 17th Make Up Picture Day during lunches
    • August 23rd Magazine Sale Kick Off
    • August 24th Back to School Night 6:30 to 8:30 pm
    • August 24th  5 to 8 PM Cresthill Restaurant Night at Chick-Fil-A

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    School Competitions & Accomplishments

    2016-2017 School Winners

    Last year, we had a number of schoolwide and district competitions. Here's a list of our winners:

    • Sertoma Freedom Essay, "What Freedom Means to Me": Olivia Jones
    • Schoolwide Geographic Bee: Joseph Krol (will be competing at the statewide Geo. Bee in late March!)
    • DCSD 7th Grade Girls Basketball (District Champions)
    • Schoolwide Spelling Bee: Joshua Smith
    • Middle School All-State Choir: Josie Shock, Julia Reigrut, Kailea Coghill

    Did You Know?

    Some Insider Tid-Bits About Your Community School

    Cresthill has one of the hottest, best-produced, on-target student news programs in the district. Check out one of our versions of CANN, the Cresthill Action News Network -- filmed, edited, and produced by 7th and 8th grade students at Cresthill!

    Staff Spotlight

    Our Staff Spotlight this week . . .

    Andy Levine, English Language Arts Teacher (Team Horizon)


    My favorite thing about middle schoolers: There are so many things that I love about middle school and the students: The willingness that the they have for learning the content (reading, writing, thinking etc.), even when they don't know or think that they like it. The relationships that they want to create with their friends and teachers. Their sense of humor and openness to say what is in their hearts and minds. The trust that they instill in me each and every day.


    Something(s) you may not know about me: I am an avid music fan (mostly indie stuff, but I have a huge jazz collection) and I completed an Ironman in 2008 and promptly retired from triathlons, two totally unrelated pieces of information, but two things that have shaped and made me who I am today.


    My Favorite Pastimes: I love to read when I get the chance (right now I'm reading Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas, Parallel Journeys by Eleanor H. Ayer, and just about to start The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak), I love hanging with my wife Sadie (also a teacher) and daughter Mirabelle (a student of the world... she's 2), I love going to the record store on Sundays, whether I buy something or not, it's always fun to look, and I'm slowly getting Mirabelle into music (right now her favorite artist is St. Vincent). I am also a pretty big fan of TV and Movies, so I do spend some time watching a DVR'ed show with some popped corn and black tea.


    At Cresthill: Since 2015... In the classroom since 2000, 8 years as a high school English teacher and 9 years as a middle school ELA teacher (I will never go back to HS:-)). I love teaching MS and I couldn't see myself ever doing anything different...ever. Thanks for being an amazing community of parents and students!!!

    Our Staff Spotlight this week . . .

    Mary Demolli, Theater Arts Teacher

    I have worked at Cresthill for 11 years as an English, speech, yearbook, literacy, and drama teacher. My plan was to be a professor of Shakespeare but when I student taught at Cresthill for secondary English, I fell in love with the wacky kids and the teachers with the best sense of humor. I always tell the students that I have the best job in the school. I get to play with costumes and remind the kids how to pretend. Of course there is a lot more involved but that is the best part.


    I have been married for almost 32 years and have a 29 year old son, a 27 year old daughter and a 16 year old son. I am from a family of nine children and grew up in Littleton. No matter how far I moved away I have never stayed away long.


    I love the outdoors; kayaking, skiing, golfing, hiking, biking, and anything that will keep me young.