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    March 2017


    Dearest Cresthill Community,


    From snow leopards high in the Himalayas to the foraging squirrels
    in my garden to fellow homo sapiens sitting with me in traffic, the
    first and most important job of parenting in every species is to teach
    and prepare our offspring for life on their own. And while it is
    intensely interesting on my big screen to marvel at in the evenings on
    BBC Planet Earth II, most of us find it terrifying in real life with our
    own kids and with their actual futures looming.

    At its core, what keeps us up at night as moms and dads (and principals!) is a gnawing debate deep within our hearts as to what exactly is 'just right' parenting. It is a Goldilocks paradox. Where is the sweet spot
    between being a snowplow parent or being an absent parent? Does my
    parenting more resemble a hyper-aware and meddling overseer, or might I stand more guilty of cowering in denial as a low-authority weenie? When is parenting better approached from a 'less is more' stance, and
    when is it the wiser path to ratchet up the level of direct and
    explicit guidance? How do I know when to swoop-in on the prey and when to pull back and pray? Insert vs. observe? Chastise or chuckle?

    These are hard things: there are no simplistic answers . . .

    Much Love,

    P.S. Your homework assignment. Type and then copy this in your phone:

    "I love you more than life itself. We'll talk about it tonight." Now just hit paste every time your child texts you from school.


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