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    Summer 2017


    Dearest Cresthill Community,


    Summer homework...
    for parents.

    I'll cut to the chase! Summer is a perfect opportunity for us parents to take advantage of building "sturdy human" qualities and characteristics within our kids. With the decreased load in school related responsibilities for your kid, why not take advantage of the increased opportunity your child has for some other life training.

    Of course I'm going to recommend to you the obvious - about the incredibly important value of copious amounts of summer reading for your kiddo (Snapchat and Instagram really don't qualify here). No single academic skill or habit is more predictive of future school success than kids who are blooming as readers of both fiction AND nonfiction. So, yeah, my educator desire is that every Cresthill kid is expected at home to read a minimum of 1 hour a day, 7 days a week, every day of the summer. Minimum. Redundant and abundant literacy is irreplaceable.


    And I'll also throw in here the obvious encouragement around having your kids figure out the tip and total bill every time you go out to eat a meal. Calculating discounts on sale items, tax, counting change... these
    aren't particularly hard things to get your kid to do, and even small
    acts of financial literacy are deeply helpful in conceptualizing math
    and keeping their skills sharp.

    But if you want to hear my full and most honest answer, I'll tell you what is really on my heart ...

    Much Summer Love,

    (read more here.)

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