• Teachers and Staff

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    Team Horizon

    7th Grade Team

    Kris Chenoweth (Science), Doreen Marion (Wellness), Andy Levine (ELA), Becky Lechuga (Social Studies)

    Team Navigators

    7th Grade Team

    Laurie Hanson (Science), Brian Lexvold (Social Studies), Linda Jardinico (Wellness), Robert Norton (ELA)

    Team Trekkers

    7th Grade Team

    Emily Fields (ELA), Indira Walia (Social Studies), Ron Foote (Wellness), Pat Kolarik (Science)

    Team Explorers

    8th Grade Team

    Elizabeth Jungkind (ELA), Sonja Herring (Social Studies), Cecilia Studdard (Wellness), Gina Chambers (Science)

    Team Legend

    8th Grade Team

    Beth Griffiths (Social Studies), Tom Beal (Science), James Kelly (ELA), Brad Wiidakas (Wellness)

    Team Summit

    8th Grade Team

    Barb Superka (Social Studies), Carolyn Volk (ELA), Warren Hanson (Wellness), Michael Bruss (Science)

  • Elective & Exploratory Teachers

    Music & Theater Arts

    Technology & Digital Communications

    World Languages

    Visual Arts

    Consumer & Family Studies

  • Supporting Staff

    It takes a village . . . 


    Counselors: Michael Risdon -- Andy Labron -- Heather Wiidakas

    Visit the CMS Cougar's Den to get the goods on our amazing counseling staff.

    Teacher Librarian: Tracie King

    The "LMC" affords students a wonderful venue for study, collaboration, research, and engagement with some amazing tech. tools. Check it out!

    Special Education

    A force to be reckoned with . . . 

    Cresthill is blessed with an amazing group of talented folk who love our kids and love their jobs. Find out more here about this wonderful crew!


    Christina Bruscella -- Learning Specialist

    Jeanne Bonds -- Literacy Specialist-READ Contact

    Katie Mitchell -- Center-Based Teacher

    Sarah Sewer -- Learning Specialist

    David Garrett -- Learning Specialist

    Jon Catto -- Learning Specialist

    Andi Tropper -- Speech-Language Pathologist

    Mindy Heller -- School Psychologist

    Heidi Coleman -- Learning Specialist

    Kristin McKinney -- ELL

    Tina Meyers -- DHH

    Nehemiah Hanson -- DHH

    James Winn -- DHH

    Nicole Vasseur -- Social Worker

    Julie Anderson -- Learning Specialist

    Patrick Rademacher -- SPED EAIV

    Valerie Wetta -- SPED EAIV

    Jett Jacoby -- SPED EAIV

    Alex Anttila -- SPED EAIV

    Caitlin Cannon -- SPED EAIV

    Cody Zimmerman -- SPED EAIV

    Thomas Montoya -- SPED EAIV

    Deb Morse -- SPED EAIV

    Marci Kalinger -- SPED EAIV

    Sara Kroneberger -- SPED EAIV